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Business Attorneys in St. Louis Park, MN Lead Your Company Past Obstacles

Every enterprise needs legal counsel to avoid problems

The business landscape is complex and difficult to navigate. Choice of business entity, contracts, financing, purchase and sale of a business, buy-sell agreements, and business succession planning all require excellent legal knowledge to keep your company and its operations working properly.

Richard D. Bunin Law Offices represents businesses and members of the business community in transactions and other matters where legal counsel is needed. If you need to know your legal options, our lawyers can help.

What are my business planning options in Minnesota?

Minnesota offers several options for those who want to form their own business. The process begins with preparation of business formation documents and proper filing with the Secretary of State’s office in Minnesota. Our attorneys in St. Louis Park work through the procedures and create the documents you will need to operate a successful business.

Common business entities include:

  • Limited liability companies — Popularly known as LLCs, this form of business shields members of the business from personal liability during lawsuits and other matters. Only the assets of the business are liable, not the personal assets of the LLC’s owners.
  • Limited liability partnerships — LLPs limit the liability of each partner and certain parts of the business if subject to a lawsuit or other legal claim.
  • Corporations — Corporations are the most well established form of entity providing limited liability for its owners. Owners are issued stock in the business.

Other forms available in Minnesota include:

  • Sole proprietorships
  • Partnerships
  • Limited partnerships
  • Foreign corporations
  • Nonprofit corporations
  • Name reservations

Speak with one of our attorneys to learn more about structuring your business.

What are my options for asset protection?

Small businesses especially need to take steps to protect their revenue and property. Business owners need to protect their personal assets from liabilities incurred by their businesses. Legal guidance is critical to provide such protection.

The proper choice of business entity can protect your personal assets so that only the business assets will be available to creditors. A number of options are available to businesses with multiple sources of revenue, including forming multiple entities, wholly owned subsidiaries, and certain types of trusts.

Our law firm in Minnesota represents businesses and provides experienced counsel. Speak with one of our attorneys to find out more about asset protection options.

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No company should go without legal counsel. Richard D. Bunin Law Offices offers decades of experience working with the business community in the Twin Cities area to resolve the issues that face small companies. If you need counsel on business planning and asset protection, contact us at 952-800-2552 or online to schedule a free initial consultation.